RIAS Special Notice of 17 Nov — A Statement from A New Chapter

Below is the statement released by A New Chapter in response to the RIAS Special Notice published on 17/11/17. The Special Notice can be viewed here.

‘Today’s Special Announcement from the RIAS confirming Neil Baxter’s resignation as Secretary and Treasurer raises more questions than answers.  The timing of this announcement is interesting in light of previous questions raised in an Open Letter to our President of 12th September (based on information in the RIAS Summer Quarterly) regarding governance, finance, strategy and relevance.

In the most recent RIAS Quarterly the President noted that a RIAS Governance Review Panel had conducted a strategy, which would herald a ‘clean bill of health’ for the organisation.

Over the past few months A New Chapter has seen a surge in positive thoughts and ideas about what a progressive, 21st century organisation for architects in Scotland might look like, how it might behave and what it might do.

We now look to our President and representatives on Council to answer our ongoing questions and now, to clarify why the Secretary and Treasurer has tendered a sudden resignation.'