A Governance Overview

Architect Richard Atkins, a Fellow of the RIAS and Council Member from 2000-2014, has authored a paper which looks to explore the roles of president and the council as set out by the charter and bye-laws.

Richard kindly prepared this note following on from the discussions held at the EAA meeting regarding the RIAS Strategy document. It covers the following: 

  • The origins and form of the current governance structure
  • The current make-up of Council and the distinction with the Charitable Trustees of the RIAS
  • The election of the RIAS President
  • The role of RIAS staff

As Richard notes in his introduction: "Understanding the governance structure of the RIAS is a fundamental first step in ensuring that whatever the plans may be for the future, there is an infrastructure in place which both represents the Membership of the RIAS and ensures that such plans can be implemented."

You can read the full report here.